Quickly Breaking Down the End of Ole Miss-South Carolina

Ole Miss was upset in the SEC tournament. This game was on the SEC Network so you might not have seen it. Don’t fear, we here at the Student Section have your back. Things started off pretty exciting. With USC up by two with 2:12 remaining, Stefan Moody of Ole Miss drilled a three for the lead. Sindarius Thornwell then converted an ‘and 1’ for the Gamecocks to put them ahead. Ole Miss answered with a layup, but Thornwell made another layup for the lead.

This is the point when things went off the rails. Moody missed a three pointer out of a timeout, then after an offensive rebound, Moody attempted a terrible three point shot that was off target. I wouldn’t have called it terrible if it went down. The Rebels had no choice but to foul. Michael Carrera went to the line, promptly bricking both shots. Ole Miss couldn’t take advantage because Jarvis Summers lost the ball while driving the lane. Another foul was needed, another Gamecock trotted to the line.

Laimonas Chatkevicius is a double word score on Scrabble if you accept South Carolina basketball players as words. After missing his first foul attempt Big LC, as he’s known in circles where writers don’t want to continuously type his name, drilled the second to put South Carolina up by 3. Frank Martin called a timeout to prompt his team to foul. When Ole Miss crossed halfcourt, a foul was given but not called. Moody ended up with the ball as expected, drawing four Gamecock defenders. He kicked to the corner to a wide open Summers. This is what followed:

Summers would convert the 4 point play much to Marshall Henderson’s happiness:


South Carolina raced up the floor. Ole Miss, not wanting to be one upped, delivered this unbelievably bad foul as Tyrone Johnson attempted to throw up a prayer:

That made Marshall Henderson less happy:

Johnson made all three free throws to bounce Ole Miss out of the SEC tournament. This game was definitely the weirdest and probably the worst played ending of a game during championship week. Kudos I guess?


Featured image by Mark Humprey/AP Photo via ESPN

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