Bowl Season: After The Bowls, It’s Clear Coaches Need Game Management Assistance… And Assistants

The point is 10,000 times more true — and urgent — in the National Football League, which is a business without the pretense of amateurism: Football is serious business, serious enough that coaches (and the organizations whose fates lie in coaches’ hands) need to make the right game-management decisions. A multi-billion-dollar business should not tolerate […]

Bowl Season: College Football Still Doesn’t Know How To Assess Bowl Games

Now that all the power-conference bowls are over (there’s still the GoDaddy Bowl between Toledo and Arkansas State), what can and should be said about the bowls? You’ll get many different opinions on the subject. Some will say that the bowls — as non-conference games with plenty of time for the coaches and players to […]

New Year, Old Lamentation: The Pac-12 And The SEC Remain Segregated In The Bowls

Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. George Wallace’s words in the midst of the tumultuous Civil Rights Era didn’t come true, but in college football’s bowl structure, the Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences remain segregated. In what has become an enduring and prolonged problem for the sport, two of its Power 5 conferences simply can’t agree […]

Rose Bowl: Missed Opportunities — And Oregon — Doom Florida State

With a loss in the Rose Bowl, Florida State’s two-season-long winning streak is now at an end. Ironically, the ‘Noles won’t make a return visit to the national championship game because they didn’t do what they’ve done in each of the last two seasons – make the most of their opportunities. That’s what made the […]

Wisconsin run game not shrimpy in win over Auburn

Follow TSS on Twitter @TheStudentSect Author @TheCoachBart Well, the dream is dead. Auburn lost, and thus, the world is not treated to a free Bloomin’ Onion tomorrow at Outback Steakhouse. Team Coconut Shrimp won (Wisconsin). They always say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and unless you were a Wisconsin […]

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State Builds Back Its Brand And Bears Down To Beat Arizona

This was supposed to be the Fiesta Bowl Boise State would not win. This was supposed to be the splash of cold water on an afternoon in suburban Phoenix when — interestingly enough — the weather outside University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale was cold, gray, and wet. This was supposed to be the main-event […]

Peach Bowl: TCU makes a resounding statement against Ole Miss

TCU came out and had a point to prove. The Horned Frogs did just that in the Peach Bowl with a dominating win over Ole Miss, which defeated both of the SEC participants in the “New Year’s Six.” While being left out of the playoff along with conference-mate Baylor, one had to wonder if TCU […]

Jim Harbaugh to Michigan: Where There’s a Will…

Under the current paradigm of college football success, Michigan is not a great job. It’s located in a region of the country that is bleeding jobs and people. The weather sucks. The Wolverines play in a punchline of a conference. In the era of realignment, we’ve moneyballed college football by fixating on proximity to recruits […]