Cheers to college football, y’all

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They say the average life span for an American is a shade over 78-years-old. That seems generous, but it’s hard to argue with the World Bank.

You can probably chop off a total of about 30 of those years where, even for the die hards, college football is an after thought. You have your youth, relationship, educational, and “getting on your feet” stuff, and then random years where other more important things sneak in.

So if you’re average, or looking at those numbers, damn lucky, you’re getting about 48 good college football loving years in you.

With that in mind, the season basically starts tomorrow in 2015 (sorry, Montana and North Dakota State, even though that was frigging good theater). The only advice I can really give you is to enjoy it. Mostly because … you don’t get that many of these, even if you’re average.

Whether you’re Hail to the Victors or Hook ’em, Dotting the i or Roll Tide, War Eagle or Fight On … soak in every moment and don’t give anyone hell that doesn’t agree with you. It’s all fun and games, and like I said, we’re all lucky to be witnessing it and enjoying it.

If you’re playing it, you’re probably enjoying it more, but for some of us, not by much. So a few basic rules going into this season:

1. Don’t Tweet at recruits, ever. It shouldn’t need to be said, but apparently on the dark side of social media, the message hasn’t been received.

2. Don’t Tweet nasty things at players, ever, no matter what. For one, they’re playing a game, providing you the zenith of your weekend possibly while you sit drinking a beer and they risk injury. For two, they’re trying really hard to win, not for you necessarily because they don’t know you, but for a lot of other more important things. They don’t deserve hell for it, and you’re not a good fan for being that obsessive.

3. If rival fans are in your building, go easy on them. No one needs batteries or urine thrown at them, nor do they need to be swore at or made miserable in general. They’re just trying to enjoy a game out of their element and they’re pumping money into your school’s town, paying for parking, tickets, food, drinks, etc. Oh, that, and being a jerk to people isn’t really a nice thing to do. That’s the more obvious one.

4. Don’t harass writers who don’t agree with you on Twitter. “You’re not a respectable journalist” or “You should be fired” are piss poor, mostly because the most of us are just fans, drinking beer, enjoying another one of our max 48 years enjoying the game and shooting out articles for the heck of it at the same time.

And most of all …

5. Enjoy every minute of it. Your team going to a bowl game or missing one isn’t going to tilt the world off of its axis. Nor is losing to your rival. The guys you’re cheering on are college student athletes, not highly paid professionals paid handsomely to be perfect on the field.

Open the window and let that cool autumn breeze in. Roll in a cooler and invite your buddies over for a Saturday on the couch. Tailgate ’til your heart’s content. Laugh hard, stay up late, plan your days around big games, chuck the football outside with your kids, niece, nephew, etc.

Pass the game on, the fun on, the traditions on so when they get into their 48, they can enjoy it all the same as you have.

In the very end of the end, none of it matters other than for good stories around the fire or when you get older and are one of the few who can remember, “back in the day when (insert IT) happened” and where you were when it went down.

We get far too few of these to enjoy, and the time rattles on by at the speed of light. Sing the fight song til your throat is sore, debate the playoff rankings with your buddies until the wee hours of the night, and find someone to pass it on to.

Through it all, remember, college football is great, and it’s here for you to enjoy. Which you should. Cheers, to college football, from my glass to yours … on a great 2015. Another one of your 48 is about to begin. Pass it on …