College Football: Five Possible Shockers for Week 2

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We’re back for another week of calling shockers, where the standards of success are the same as DeVry University … 25 percent is considered passable rate. Last week, we (I’m counting all 22 readers as teammates in this) hit on two of five. That’s 40 percent, approaching salutatorian territory.

Last week: 2 for 5

Season: 2 for 5

5. Georgia Southern over Western Michigan

Here is a list of stuff that went right for GSU in their first game against West Virginia:

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s easy to forget that GSU averaged nearly 400 yards on the ground last year. They won’t just forget how to run the football overnight. WMU was competitive against Michigan State as much as you could expect, and there could be a small mental let down going from in-state powerhouse at home on television to steamy Georgia for a game on the road that I’m not sure will be on television anywhere. Well, everything’s on television everywhere, but you get the point. One note: it’s a lot easier to prep for that triple option when you have extended time to do it (see: WVU) versus when you don’t (see: WMU).

4. Iowa over Iowa State

This is some damn low hanging fruit on my part, the kind that’d hit the zombie’s hand that first scene where it sticks a hand up out of the cold earth. If only we could get them to eat fruit.

We don’t really know much about either team other than the fact that they’d own FCS if they were playing it full time, Iowa topping Illinois State and ISU thumping Northern Iowa in Week One. This is an odd rivalry, with ISU taking three of the last four from Iowa but the one they lost being in Ames. Nothing makes sense in this rivalry, the 2011 version of the trophy included (which is no longer with us). Black is white. Up is down. Katy Perry can sing.

3. Kentucky over South Carolina

UK and South Carolina spent different parts of Week One looking like George Costanza when he was trying to lose his job with the Yankees to go to the Mets, wearing Babe Ruth’s uniform, dragging around the World Series trophy in the parking lot, etc. He couldn’t lose the job, however. Patrick Towles will probably need to be better than sub-50 percent passing the ball, and South Carolina will probably not get another offense to dry heave almost every time they have a scoring chance. Kentucky could reasonably get this if SC plays like they did last week. But they won’t if UK plays like they did last week.

2. Florida International over Indiana

The Hoosiers needed every last drop of blood from the turnip to stave off Southern Illinois, 48-47. We keep hearing that IU’s defense is going to be better this year, and we buy in (well, I do) and then they do it to us (well, me) again. It’s literally every character in “Melrose Place,” where it’s all promises of being better and the next thing you know, it’s a two part show about how so and so is going behind so and so’s back to sleep with their ex. At any rate, FIU is 1-0 after a stirring 15-14 win over UCF and could reasonably upset IU. That said, I legitimately think IU will win and their defense will eventually be better. Ugh.

1. Mississippi State over LSU

We know as much about 2015 LSU as we do Bigfoot at this point. We know they exist, but it pretty much ends there. The Bulldogs weren’t what you’d term as impressive in defeating Southern Miss, but this one is obvious in a sense of: beware the fired up SEC team at night playing in their own yard. It’s the equivalent of stopping at some run down house in the sticks after running out of gas in a horror movie where everyone dies but the obligatory attractive female who somehow knows how to use power tools enough to fight with them. LSU will try to be the attractive female.