TSS Top 25 Poll After Week 2

Every week after all of the games have concluded, the staff at the Student Section will team with writers from other Bloguin sites to publish a Top 25 poll. Here’s what our poll looks like after week 2.

Rank Team Points
1 Ohio State (8) 224
2 Michigan State (1) 207
3 Alabama 197
4 TCU 192
5 USC 159
6 UCLA 140
7 Georgia 133
8 Texas A&M 132
9 Notre Dame 128
10 Florida State 121
11 Clemson 120
12 Mississippi 117
13 Georgia Tech 116
14 Oklahoma 105
15 LSU 98
16 Oregon 89
17 BYU 84
18 Baylor 82
19 Auburn 71
20 Utah 67
21 Northwestern 58
22 Arizona 50
23 Temple 47
24 Missouri 37
25 Houston 33
Others receiving votes: Toledo 26, West Virginia 25, Wisconsin 18, Kentucky 11, Iowa 10, Arizona State 8, Oklahoma State 7, Boise State 7, Western Kentucky 3, Ohio 2, Mississippi State 1
Voters: Bart Doan, Terry Johnson, Kevin Causey, Ryan Palencer, Kevin McGuire, Allen Kenney, Joe Dexter, Andy Coppens, Scott King

Notes and Observations

  • Although Managing Editor Matt Zemek will vote in the poll, he will not cast a ballot until November.
  • Michigan State’s victory over Oregon was impressive enough to earn the Spartans a first-place vote and vault them to the No. 2 spot in this week’s poll.
  • Arizona returned to the Top 25 after dropping out last week.
  • Bolstered by impressive upsets on Saturday, Temple and Houston debuted in the rankings at 23 and 25, respectively.
  • Our voters were deeply disappointed with Auburn’s narrow escape over Jacksonville State on Saturday. The Tigers dropped 11 spots in this week after two of our pollsters left them out of their ballots.
  • Baylor was the most polarizing team in this week’s rankings. While five voters had the Bears outside of the top 25, the other four listed them no lower than sixth. That will probably continue until Baylor plays West Virginia on 10/17.
  • The Mountaineers dropped out of the top 25 this week despite beating Liberty.
  • Arkansas fell the furthest in standings, failing to receive a single vote after losing to Toledo.
  • Our voters don’t appear sold on the Mid-American conference just yet. Sure, Toledo nearly cracked the rankings this week, but Bowling Green received no consideration after blowing out Maryland.

About Terry P. Johnson

Terry Johnson is the Associate Editor for The Student Section. He is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the National Football Foundation.