Week 4 Potential College Football Shockers

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If you were looking for the upsets last week, both of you, I apologize, blame Comcast.

Just to be clear on the definition of “shocker”as it is deemed for this series, it’s basically anyone that’s an underdog. For further clarification purposes, I give the approximate -3 to the home team and factor that into their line, so if someone is a +4 at home, essentially, Vegas is saying they’re a touchdown underdog on a neutral field.

We might change it down the road to “underdogs to watch out for” because “Arizona over UCLA” doesn’t seem like it’d shock anyone with a pulse, but we’ll decide that in a staff meeting (as if we have those). That said, this column is 4-10 through two weeks and if you pick 4 underdogs in every 10 games you pick straight up, you’re making money.

5. Cincinnati over Memphis

Seeing as Cincy is a 10-point dog, this one would teeter on the line of shocker a little more. I have absolutely no reason to keep believing Cincy will turn it around and be that team we thought could chase down an unbeaten season potentially other than the fact that I still believe in them to be better than they have been. Memphis is all the rage right now, and they’ve earned it. This is their first home game of the season after clubbing Kansas and nipping a fairly decent Bowling Green team. There’s a “good chance” Gunner Kiel will play, and I’ll take my chances with him.

4. Old Dominion over Appalachian State

Digging deep into the weeds here for this one. What’s the old saying … “you don’t know what you don’t know?” Only thing we know about these two teams is that they’d get railroaded in the ACC (ASU blown out by Clemson; ODU blown out by N.C. State). Come for the obvious learning, stay for … really nothing else. ODU can rush the ball but can barely complete over 50 percent of their passes. ASU was off last week, so we really have zero go to on. I’ll take the devil I know over the devil I don’t, especially when the one devil is at home.

3. Arizona over UCLA

As mentioned above, you’d need to be on the sauce to consider this a shocker, but AZ is +3 at home somehow and when you take that extra 3 in, basically, Vegas thinks UCLA is about a touchdown better. Hell, they may be, but I’m all in on Arizona. I don’t buy any of the Gameday crap. The Wildcats will be up for it regardless. Arizona shouldn’t be an underdog at home to anyone that I can think of other than maybe Ohio State at this point. This would be as shocking as the McDonald’s drive thru guy forgetting half your meal, the ‘Cats winning, and they will.

2. Washington over Cal

Cal is a cute little story, because last year they were a Spring Break hotel and this year, they’re probably just a frat party on defense with an offense to make up for it. Washington’s defense quietly has been the best part of the Chris Petersen era this year, giving up only 16 to Boise State in a loss and then 17 last week to Utah State. Husky Stadium is tough to play in, and husky dogs are easily the best looking of the types of dogs. Unless there’s a female in your life, then they like the hybrid Pomeranian-Husky, appropriately named a Pomsky.Really though, it ends up being less about dogs and more about the defense that helps Dub get it done. The above cheerleaders figure to look significantly less shocked, and much happier.

1. Wyoming over New Mexico

Pardon the good folks of Wyoming if they miss part of the game. It’s nearing October, which means that in three months, it will be illegal to take pictures of rabbits until spring. So if they want pictures of furry bunnies, you’ve better get it while the gettin’ is good, because no one wants to spend time behind bars having to explain that one to their wives (assuming, you know, men take pictures of rabbits). The Cowboys are 0-3 and need to get off the schneid. The losses were pretty ugly, Eastern Michigan and Washington State after FCS North Dakota. I just think some home cookin’ and refocusing on the “new” season (which is what teams call conference season that are already way behind on their goals) will lead them to a win.

Overall: 4-10 (40 percent)

Last Week: Booo Comcast