Hawaii beats Colorado, and Wisconsin-Arizona State comes to mind

Remember this a couple years ago? This was another September game drenched in controversy, and more specifically, the unwillingness of an officiating crew to grant relief to a team which had done what it was supposed to do in an endgame situation:

Now, one night into the 2015 college football season, we have another example from the Colorado-Hawaii game which ended near 3 in the morning for residents of Boulder, Colorado.

If Buffs fans were up, they probably didn’t get any sleep the rest of the night.

Watch, via the Pac-12 SB Nation site Pacific Takes:

It’s not necessarily the bungling of the act of transporting the football to the hashmarks which was the problem. The lead official not stopping the clock to grant Colorado relief is the problem. How can this happen again, not too long after Wisconsin’s nightmare in the desert?