Randy Edsall’s potential return to UConn would make sense

Believe it or not, Randy Edsall’s potential return to UConn would make sense. That’s not to say that I agree with the school’s decision to dismiss Bob Diaco. I don’t. UConn should have given him another season before making a move. However, since the school did decide to make a leadership change, I’ll go on […]

WATCH: Western Kentucky’s Fake Kneel Down

One of the many things I love about bowl season is that coaches don’t hold anything back. Leading 28-17 with just 45 remaining in the first half, everyone in the stadium thought that Western Kentucky was going to take a knee and head to the locker room with a double-digit lead. The Hilltoppers had other […]

Sorry, Players Skipping Bowl Games Isn’t a Big Deal

Sometimes, it feels like people find issues with things just because they’re not happy unless they’re finding issues with things. Happiness? Tranquility? What is it good for? The latest installment in Fake Outrage University, of which about 90 percent of the country sometimes feels like it has a degree from, is star college football players […]

Preps to Pros? Five college coaches the NFL may come after this year

Would you believe we’re going on about three years since an NFL team poached a college coach, and that was the Houston Texans with Bill O’Brien, whom no one thought was too long for the college game as it is? The argument probably goes along with the fact that recently, the collegiate ranks haven’t really […]

CFB Playoffs this year show why we should never go to 8 teams. Ever.

We do this autopsy every stinking year around this time, after the four teams picked for the CFB Playoff are announced to a world just waiting to rip them apart with negativity no matter what the result. Through three years of this thing, the committee has mostly gotten it right, at least in the sense […]

The Five Biggest Games the Rest of the Season

Breaking news: College football is almost over. When you’re done weeping (what are we going to do with our Saturdays … house work!?) with the fact that we have only a month left, understand that this has been an incredible season with the best plot twists yet to come. The 2016 season seems like it’s […]

Five B1G Things We Learned After Week Nine

There’s just one remaining undefeated team in the Big Ten, and the race for both divisions are still up for grabs as we head down the home-stretch. Phil Harrison gives you five things we learned about Big Ten football last week. Contact/Follow @PhilHarrisonCFB or email him at If that doesn’t work, you can find him […]

Wolverines clip mistake-prone Spartans, change the guard for a year

It’s important to not be too hyperbolic about singular games or events, but if in the end this is the official passing of the torch in the state of Michigan’s college football back to the Wolverines, the symbolic play when it all happened was in the first half, tied at 7. In Michigan territory, the […]

Pac 12 Football: 5 Lessons Learned from Week 7

With only five games on the Pac-12 slate this past weekend, the conference is doing this weekly column no favors in forcing it to extract broad sweeping ideas from a small sample size. Oh well, on with the show. 1. Sam Darnold looks like the real deal Darnold didn’t start until the fourth game of […]

The top 5 reasons Darrell Hazell didn’t work out at Purdue

At one point during Saturday’s Ohio State – Wisconsin game, the Aflac (advertise, please) trivia question came on about which Big Ten team was the last to defeat three top 10 conference teams in a season. The answer was 2003 Michigan, to which surprise was elicited to know that Purdue was one of those teams. We […]

Three Points from Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin

In a game that had the feel of some sort of Big Ten semi-final tilt if there was such a thing, Ohio State outlasted Wisconsin in Camp Randall in overtime, 30-23. It could be a preview of the actual Big Ten Championship Game, but that’ll take some doing on both sides. At any rate, we […]