ACC Coastal Non-Conference Schedule Grades

As noted in yesterday’s piece about the ACC Atlantic division, I’m faced with a dilemma. The first three power conferences I graded each only played three non-conference games. I made my expectations pretty clear. With a few exceptions (either for teams who are expected to be College Football Playoff favorites or who are expected to […]

Frank Beamer and the value of being ready

In a season marked by an unusual degree of coaching turnover, a third retirement hit the news wires on Sunday, as Frank Beamer announced that he would step down at Virginia Tech when this 2015 campaign ends. Beamer joins Steve Spurrier and George O’Leary as a retiree after many decades in college football’s arena of […]

Pitt and North Carolina play a huge game, and it’s not 1979

The city is Pittsburgh, but the program is affectionately known as Pitt — to the point that “Script Pitt” on Dan Marino’s helmet became a cherished college football look. (Why it had to be abandoned is beyond me. I digress…) Thursday night, the Steel City hosts both a game and a visiting team which bring […]

Season Shapers: Miami and Duke possess potential

While the Florida State Seminoles and the Clemson Tigers will fight for a College Football Playoff spot and a New Year’s Six bowl in the coming weeks, the Miami Hurricanes and Duke Blue Devils figure to author the larger story of the ACC in 2015. You’re familiar by now with the notion of a “season […]

After losing to Florida State, Al has only one more Golden opportunity in Miami

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re interested in sampling opinion, editorial commentary, and news analysis in the wake of noteworthy sports occurrences. If that’s the case, you probably have at least some interest in the wider theater of what counts as news, the range of human events from the trivial (sports) to the […]

Georgia Tech, Duke, and the paradox of staying power

On a Saturday with 50 or more games, it’s easy to identify certain contests as being more important or attractive because they’re top-25 games or in-division games. Yet, those games stand out BEFORE, not after, the final result. When one sifts through the whole of a weekend — and in mid-December, the full regular season […]

ACC! ACC! ACC! The ACC Cleaned Up Against The SEC This Past Weekend — What Does It Mean?

Thanksgiving weekend, which is now rivalry weekend in college football (this wasn’t always the case, at least not universally), provides the last big wave of non-conference games before the bowls. In particular, Thanksgiving weekend pits SEC East teams against ACC Atlantic teams in rivalry showdowns. Usually, the SEC has won these games, but in 2014, […]