10 easter eggs from the college football bowl schedule

Bowl season means a lots of weird matchups in lots of weird places. That creates a slew of quirks that are both fun and, in some cases, historic. Before the nation turns its lonely eyes to the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, here’s a list of ten cool nuggets this year’s bowl slate […]

Statistical Summer: Four Yards And A Cloud Of Stats

Who needs three yards and a cloud of dust when you can have four yards and a cloud of stats? The Statistical Summer ends today at The Student Section, with the first game week of the FBS season upon us. Spend the final FBS-free weekend of 2014 mulling over some statistics that have helped shape […]

In the Battle for Fans in the Stands, Schools Have Already Lost

Fears about declining attendance at college football games have grown so bad that schools are studying Major League Soccer for tips on keeping butts in the seats. That’s the upshot of a recent Wall Street Journal piece on declining attendance at college football games: Schools are actually paying Kansas City’s MLS club to explain how […]