Timeline: national championship droughts, milestones, and points of passage

It’s time for a timeline. At the end of a college basketball season — when the twists and turns of the Final Four and the national championship game easily lead bloggers (this one included) to reconsider what needs to be changed in the sport — it’s worth stepping back and considering how much history has […]

Indiana returns to Philadelphia, the scene of its greatest triumphs

In the latter half of the 1970s and the early 1980s, few cities crackled with more basketball-based electricity than Philadelphia. The 76ers made four NBA Finals from 1977 through 1983, powered by Dr. J — Julius Erving — after the death of the ABA and the exodus of the league’s high-end talent to the NBA. […]

The 1977 Final Four Gets A Fresh Look From College Basketball Fans

It’s one of the many fascinating things we love about sports: Great events, perhaps forgotten due to the relentless march of time, regain their prominence in the eyes of younger generations due to twists in the 24-7 news cycle. This is how college basketball — like any other sport — continues to be the focus […]

Tark And Dean: Equally Memorable, Powerfully Different, Surprisingly Similar

When two iconic figures die within a week’s time, it’s hard for the larger community of human beings to find the space and clarity that are needed to fully recognize the contributions of both people, now gone. How much more difficult it is, then, when two iconic figures die within a week’s time… and they […]

The 10 Most Significant Games Of Dean Smith’s Coaching Career

Significant games can be great, and great games can be significant, but they don’t always overlap — far from it. The 1982 NCAA Tournament national championship game (North Carolina 63, Georgetown 62) is quite possibly the greatest basketball game Dean Smith ever coached in, and it’s on the short list of the most significant games […]