LSU basketball, part 2: It’s about more than Ben Simmons

To the casual American sports fan, Ben Simmons might indeed represent a ratings magnet for ESPN, thereby convincing the WorldWide Leader to broadcast a disproportionate amount of LSU basketball games this season. It’s been rather conspicuous over the past month: Not only do commentators reserve a ton of airtime for Simmons, but ESPN does as […]

If you wanted a big revelation from Saturday, you didn’t get it

In the course of time, the Big 12-SEC Challenge could very easily become an event which reshapes several college basketball seasons. We could sit here in April and realize how much this midseason event — staged in the middle of the conference season — altered the trajectory of a crazy college basketball campaign. Right now, […]

College basketball: 5 profound coaching dramas

The foremost drama of coaching — in terms of regularity, though not in terms of raw emotional impact — is the attempt to avoid being fired. The coaching drama which captures the heart and tugs at the emotions is the attempt of the beloved veteran to finally make a first Final Four, or a first […]

Hoops Preview: the coaches with the most to prove

The Student Section begins College Basketball Preview Week, a crash course on the coming season. In this piece, we provide a list of the five coaches — legends and lurkers alike — who have the most to prove: * Mike Brey and Mark Few parked themselves in the Elite Eight for the first time in […]