In spite of loss, Michigan breathes life back into The Game

Clarity is for the obtuse after a game like THE Game, 2016, which Ohio State walked away with a 30-27 overtime victory, but it can be found. If you’re a Michigan player, coach, or fan, the result was so breathtakingly close, so easily your game so many times, it seems like nothing positive can be […]

Three Points from Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin

In a game that had the feel of some sort of Big Ten semi-final tilt if there was such a thing, Ohio State outlasted Wisconsin in Camp Randall in overtime, 30-23. It could be a preview of the actual Big Ten Championship Game, but that’ll take some doing on both sides. At any rate, we […]

Ohio State Football: Five Things We Learned Against Bowling Green

Game one is in the books in Columbus, and it was an avalanche of Scarlet and Gray. Here are five things we can take away from a record-setting offensive output by the Buckeyes: 5. The talent is young, but there is a deep well of offensive fire power Embed from Getty Images Yeah there’s a […]

Top 25 College Football Countdown: No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State Buckeyes 2015 Record: 12-1 overall (Defeated Notre Dame 44-28 in the Fiesta Bowl) 1 Burning Question: Can “The Land of the Wolves” Get its young talent to “The Edge” of Stardom? How does Urban Meyer’s very young squad respond after a 2015 season full of drama, struggles, and disappointment, despite finishing with just one loss and […]

Stop treating 2015 Ohio State like 2014 Florida State, please. Thanks.

We’ve probably all been in a situation where we see or know someone who has a point they’re trying to get across, but they go to absurd levels to continue driving that point home. The CFB Playoff committee rankings, version 2.0 came out last night, and while it’s been said many times in this spot […]

Urban Meyer is deftly handling his quarterback situation

Choosing your quarterback is a lot like dating. First, you start out with a bunch of candidates. Some decide they’d be better off elsewhere. Some, you decide would be better off elsewhere. Eventually, you cull down to three or four that could potentially be the long-term solution. They weed themselves out for the most part, […]

Meet Ohio State. Playoff contender.

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect Straight, no chaser. Ohio State came into Michigan State’s house, sat down on the couch next to his girl, and started doing shots of whiskey with his arm around her while he sat across the room and fumed. Welcome to the playoff race, Ohio State. The Buckeyes wandered into […]

Ohio State-Penn State OT Thriller a portrayal of the emotion of college football

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect Everything in the world is about two things: emotion and perspective. When Ohio State was mired in a corner bar fight with Penn State at the local dive only the Nittany Lions frequent, the easy thing to say was, “This is a referendum on how the Buckeyes are not […]

She’s All That. And Just Maybe, so is Ohio State

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS at @TheStudentSect Way back in 1999, a different century ago, Freddie Prinze, Jr. starred in this movie “She’s All That” as a cool kid in school (SHOCKING ROLE FOR HIM) who was charged with turning a pretend-not-cute social outcast into a prom queen within a six-week time frame. It’s a […]

Playoff Possibilities: What’s Likely And What’s Not

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect At this point in the season, we know things, more things than we knew a few months ago. Call it a college football mid term exam, where stumbling in smelling of Old Crow and Newports isn’t really an option. Mississippi State is really good. Michigan is really not. Dana […]

5 Midseason things we thought we knew … but didn’t

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect We’re sadly halfway through the season for most teams at this point, and for some, a week past it. We were all wrong about a lot. So this is the college football column version of your girlfriend or wife, or for any potential female reader, boyfriend or husband I […]

Ohio State – Navy Reaction: Buckeyes Still a Contender in the Big Ten

Despite its lackluster showing against Navy, Ohio State proved that it’s still a contender for Big Ten – and possibly national championship – honors this fall. Make no mistake about it: the Buckeyes were far from perfect today. Navy’s ground game dominated this contest at times, rushing for 370 yards and an average of 5.9 […]