Thoughts, observations, and stats to watch out for in week 2

After a very exciting week 1, the second weekend of college football season looks relatively dull. However, there are still a handful of good games this week. Here’s a list of thoughts, observations, and stats to pay attention to for week 2. It’s disappointing that there wasn’t a college football game on Thursday. Yes, I […]

TSS Roundtable: Bold Predictions for Week 1

This week marks the first full weekend of college football season!! With that in mind, our roundtable focus will shift to what will happen on the gridiron this fall. Q. What is your bold prediction for week 1? Bart Doan On Twitter:

College Football 2015: Which assistant coaches assist the most?

Fans, bloggers, pundits — all of us — easily recognize head coaches. On a national level — beyond the realm of the local beat writer or the team-specific specialist — the people who cover college football from a distance will more immediately identify the face of a head coach than the face of an assistant. […]