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Picking on people should not be considered normal. It does not matter if they did something silly or something considered dumb, it isn’t cool to take to the mean streets of social media to poke someone when they are already down. And, yes, this includes punters. They are people too. Link dump.


College Football

We live in a weird world where an athletic director has to publicly back a punter for making an honest mistake. I can’t imagine a time or place where any AD ever thought they would have to state that a punter is okay in one of their pressers. Yet, here we are, because some people are savages.

Holy Memphis Tigers, Batman! Kyle Kensing takes a look at the Group of Five, in fun fashion, as Memphis destroyed Ole Miss over the weekend. Some folks started to jump on the bandwagon before Saturday, but fully expect half of America to be drooling over everything Paxton Lynch and crew.

Spencer Hall is tremendous, right? Well, delve into his “Top Whatever“, where he ranks things according to, ugh… whatever. It is a good read. Good subjects are touched on. He also goes CAPS-LOCK at a certain point, which is always a crowd favorite.

Matt Zemek compares the Michigan State Spartans to the Kansas City Royals. Lord(e) knows that the Spartans will never be in-state royals when compared to the Michigan Wolverines, but they have continued their run of being the better team of the two after topping the Wolverines on Saturday.

Is your favorite team stinking up the joint? No worries, friends. Terry Johnson looks at five teams with losing records that will qualify for a bowl game.

Another column by Matt Zemek. In this one, our fearless leader takes a calculated look at how bananas this college football season has been.

Extra Point

Here is the Wikipedia page of Marty Jannetty. Unless you have lived under a rock for the last 25 years or hate awesome things, then you know who this guy is. With Wrestlemania not too far away it is time to start my yearly campaign to get this tag-team specialist into the WWE Hall of Fame.

College Basketball

I told you that I would plug CBT’s conference previews as long as they are publishing them. Here is their latest, a Pac-12 preview. Arizona is predicted to finish first, but that’s only because they are the best team.

NCAA(dot)com has a post dealing with Kentucky and their annual Big Blue Madness extravaganza. If you are going to do it big, then you might as well do it right. John Calipari and his revolving door of tippy-top prospects have a fun showing each year.

A lot of former college basketball players are currently running around in the NFL. Sam Farmer has a quick look at some of the guys who made the transition from shooty hoops to ramming heads.

This is a few days old, but we don’t Pick Six postings over the weekend so it missed its chance to be featured. Sports Illustrated uses fancy numbers to tell us which high-volume scorers are at the top of the college basketball world.

Texas is going to make some history. So, too, will Washington. The two programs, when they face on November 13, will be the first college or pro basketball team from the states to play against each other in China. My take on the matter? Shaka Smart kills communism with Havoc.

And One

Did I mention that Marty Jannetty is the best? Did you know that I once wrote a horrible, fake, and iffy-at-best column about the future WWE Hall of Famer? No? Shame on you. Shame on me for using so many question marks in such a short space. Read a thing about Marty Jannetty. Help get Marty into the Hall. Bless your heart.

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