NBA Rumors – John Calipari to the NBA?

It must be the NBA offseason. It simply has to be. How else can we explain the rash of — even more so than usual — John Calipari is headed to the NBA for {insert job that is less alluring than dating a walrus} stories. This time around, apparently, reportedly, or whatever, the Sacramento Kings […]

Shaka Smart faces an obstacle Rick Barnes never had to overcome

When Shaka Smart was hired to become the Texas Longhorns’ new head coach, the move was hailed by many within the college basketball community, and rightly so. The success Smart had at VCU, given somewhat limited resources, remains rather incredible. However, there are reasons for skepticism. I touched on this when Smart was originally hired. […]

The Big 12 Still Belongs to Kansas, But…

The Kansas Jayhawks have dominated the Big 12 longer than the Roman Empire dominated large parts of Earth back before we had smartphones — or at least it feels that way. However, there was a very recent time when some folks — myself included — felt their run was coming to an end. Then, sadly, […]

Could Missouri really win back-to-back SEC East titles and make it back to the SEC Championship Game? The Tigers are 60 minutes away from doing so — the red-hot Arkansas Razorbacks stand in their way.

Missouri Player Boycott: a story much bigger than sports

The Missouri Tiger football program is going to function rather differently than any other program for at least a little bit. What has now been widely reported, covered, and discussed is this: Black Missouri football players are going to boycott team activities as they call for school president Tim Wolfe to be fired or leave […]

Pick Six Special Edition: Missouri Players Taking a Stand

The eyes of a nation will focus on the college football community for awhile. We’re not referring solely to fans of the sport, either. Good Morning America, The Today Show, and CBS This Morning; CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News; every other network, blog, personality, and human with an opinion will weigh in on the matter: […]

Rick Pitino and Louisville made The American a much stronger league in 2014 compared to the current 2015 version. Sure, SMU leads the conference this season, but it achieved a lot more in the 2014 campaign. Why is 2015 SMU’s RPI at 18 while last season’s team carried an RPI of 53 into Selection Sunday? The answer becomes very obvious as you continue to read this piece… and no, it’s not about winning games, either.

Don’t Let Louisville Scandal Take Anything Away From The Players

It probably feels played to death at this point, but more has to be said about the Louisville basketball scandal. Most scandalous stories tend to remain in view until either a larger, more scintillating story appears or the people at fault for the scandal — or those close enough to it — have to face […]

Early-Season College Basketball is a Must-Watch Situation

College football and the NFL will continue to dominate the headlines, sure. The NBA will likely get more eyeballs, because folks like high-quality hoops. However, there are many reasons why people should pay attention to the early portion of the college basketball season. Don’t get me wrong. College basketball has a lot of things going […]

College Basketball Needs to Stay True to Itself

College basketball faces an important season. More rule changes have been put in place, with the 30-second shot clock being at the forefront of possible scrutiny, and the game itself continues to be bashed by casual fans for its lack of entertaining play. A point I have made in the past, which certainly can’t be […]

Rick Pitino, Scandals, and the Ugly Truth Behind College Basketball

College basketball has always been a different sport than its other mainstream counterparts. It doesn’t have that natural audience tuning in which football does. Major League Baseball has a history unlike others, but folks continue to tune in during its lengthy regular season, while shooty hoops only sees large audiences during March Madness. Nor is […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

The stripper story surrounding Rick Pitino, Louisville, and college basketball does not seem like it is going away. Hopefully, since the topic is more complicated than immoral-narratives, some nuance is used before the world declares some sort of ban on all things recruiting trips. Link dump. * College Football Andy Schwarz has an absolutely terrific column […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

A college football Tuesday? Well, I suppose it technically is. As we all are still collectively catching our breaths from a poor punter dropping a football in the state of Michigan, the season waits for no one. After all, there is a Sun Belt game on tonight! Link dump. * College Football Speaking of things […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

Picking on people should not be considered normal. It does not matter if they did something silly or something considered dumb, it isn’t cool to take to the mean streets of social media to poke someone when they are already down. And, yes, this includes punters. They are people too. Link dump. * College Football […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

Happy Friday! Well, except for those who have to work the weekend. To you, happy almost there or whatever day? Regardless, a full day of college football starts in a little less than 24 hours. Use your mobile devices if you have to work. Watch your favorite team attempt to win a game with your […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

The NBA community was hit hard yesterday with the news of Lamar Odom being found unconscious. While not all that relevant to college sports fans, it is situation worth monitoring because a little empathy, thoughts, and prayers never hurt anyone. * College Football We are going to lump two Steve Sarkisian stories in our opening dump. […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

The Steve Spurrier backlash is real. Some are calling his early-season retirement selfish. Originally, to be honest, I was like “Oh hell no” and stuff like that. However, after giving it some thought and listening to others discuss why they felt that way, I suppose I get it. Alas, we “like” Spurrier so he gets […]