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It is Friday. The day before the weekend starts for many humans. Some people have to work on Saturdays, though, which is kind of stinky. Those people will miss all the fun that comes with sitting on a coach from 11 in the morning until after midnight. Alas, the woes in life are aplenty. Link dump!


College Football

USC lost last night. I have no idea if the Trojans made the correct decision or not, but expect more columns like this one for the rest of the season unless USC runs the table. Pete Thamel declares that the school made the wrong choice by hiring Steve Sarkisian.

Kyle Kensing does some predicting of week six for us so we don’t have to. For what it is worth, which isn’t much, I don’t like Shiner.

USA Today puts together a good column looking at coaches getting extra loot through bonuses. Some of the ways coaches reach bonuses seem altruistic-ish (student-athlete GPA), but most of the ways they can obtain them are through winning, naturally. Where does all this “extra” money come from, though? Won’t they have to shutdown the checkers team?

The Student Section conducted a roundtable, as we tend to do. This one discusses which of the first-year head coaches are off to a great start.

Allen Kenney looks at the Oklahoma and Texas rivalry. This is relevant because the two play Saturday. Even if they weren’t, however, Kenney does a great job telling the story about the drama involved whenever the programs face-off.

We have a lame duck coach. I repeat: We have a lame duck coach. Reports are out, which states Maryland will terminate Randy Edsall after the Ohio State game. Maybe that doesn’t actually make him a lame duck coach. Instead, maybe that makes him “short” in his stay? Whatever, I don’t know the cool slang.

Extra Point

The Atlantic wants to know if “The American Dream” is still a thing people are chasing. My American Dream as a child was Dusty Rhodes. Now it is Christina Ricci abandoning all logic, reason, and sight, then agreeing to marry me.

College Basketball

The Louisville story about escorts and whatnot will not go away. For good reason, too. A former Louisville player has come out to say he knows the truth, and the truth may hurt the Cardinals.

The Courier-Journal says if Rick Pitino resigns it will make him a coward. Listen, the dude didn’t disappear after being caught committing adultery in a chain-restaurant… I think his potential cowardice isn’t what we should be questioning here.

Rob Dauster with an AAC preview. As per rules of the Internet, the guys at CBT continue to pump out some of the best conference previews around. So, yes, they will continue to be linked daily.

Harvard landed a four-star prospect. This is a big deal. Harvard has been a good and steady program for a few years now, but if they can land a prospect of this caliber, even if only randomly, is huge for Tommy Amaker and the program.

I didn’t do a Pick Six yesterday so we missed it, but Chris Burns, Bryant University head coach, wrote a powerful column at Outsports. This is a must-read for those who missed it. I won’t waste your time describing it… simply go read it.

And One

I wrote something. It is about the NBA, race, and the former trying to distance itself and the players from black culture. People have read the words they wanted to see and ignored other aspects of the essay. In a preemptive strike, and for the millionth time, the post has very little to do with the violence and more to do with how players in the NBA are perceived… Oh, and how the NBA goes about trying to change that perception to attempt to please the ignorant. You know, make them more “consumable” or whatever polite terms are out there.

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