Bowl Season: 10 realistic bowl matchups we wanted to see… But won’t

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There are about 800 bowls represented by 700 companies we have no idea even exist. So you’re bound to get some salty good matchups almost by default. However, you’re also bound to be on your porch with a bottle in a paper bag glass of wine gazing into the sky wondering if they’re thinking about you the way you’re thinking about them … the bowl games that never happened.

Here are 10 we’d like to see. If you disagree, feel free to chime in.


10. Louisville vs. Arkansas: Bobby Petrino’s lover who found him sleeping around could have met his new flame, who took him back with all of his flaws and baggage. It’s like the football version of a Lifetime movie… only a significantly less terrible use of your time, one can assume.

9. Oklahoma vs. Georgia: Both fan bases could have tailgated and groveled about how winning 8 to 9 games at worst every year isn’t good enough, all while Michigan, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and a host of other fan bases weep and shake their fists.

8. Baylor vs. TCU: People seem to be debating how much that whole game earlier in the year in Waco should or shouldn’t mean. So hell, let ’em play again and find out if head to head REALLY matters. “The result of this game will be applicable to all situations involving college football in the future.” – Twitter

7. Notre Dame vs. Cincinnati:
The Brian Kelly Bowl. Though Kelly is removed for several years since that fateful season when he left the unbeaten Bearcats at the altar, there have to be some at Cincy who would still like to club his new flame up and down the yard, much like a jilted ex-girlfriend who sees the girl the guy left her for having put on 20 pounds that winter.

6. Tennessee vs. USC: The winner’s fan base gets to egg Lane Kiffin’s house. The loser has to root for Alabama and buy Tide gear for their playoff run… and fly a Bama flag outside the house. The stakes would be high, my friends.

5. Michigan State vs. Arizona: So … I guess we can see how Rich Rod might be faring if Michigan had kept him around, in some morbid way, which is interesting to people such as myself.

4. Michigan State vs. Mississippi State: There’s always a worthwhile game just for the idiotic reaction of media … both social and otherwise … when highly ranked Big Ten and SEC teams play, because then everyone can pretend it trickles down to the rest of the conferences and how good they are (or aren’t). Connor Cook versus Dak Prescott would be a good show, though. So would two coaches doing work in places that traditionally didn’t win much before they got there.

3. Boise State vs. Washington: I don’t know, there would be something oddly fascinating about seeing Chris Petersen play Boise State only one year after leaving the post for Washington. I know, it’s another game that sometimes gets played in the regular season, but they didn’t this year and it has juice.

2. Miami vs. Florida: The U got the wrong mediocre SEC East team in South Carolina. A heated rivalry that has the potential of being played in any form should always be stretched to become reality on the field. If you can get too much of Florida versus Miami, you probably also can get too much of denim skirts, free ice cream, and hugs.

1. Texas vs. Texas A&M: Oh, how grand it would have been, even with their mediocre records. However, the Horns and Aggies have sworn off one another like quarreling lovers who won’t eat at the restaurant they used to go on dates at, all because of an odd bitterness that only ends up torturing one another. Act like adults. Play, guys.