Fresno State’s & La Tech’s new uniforms and helmets will make you bark or barf

The college football season gets started next week (unless you follow FCS or NAIA football, in which case your seasons get underway Saturday, you lucky dogs), and Fresno State and Louisiana Tech were among the latest to show off some new looks for the upcoming fall. Fresno State has gone all out with their variety of looks for 2014, including a brand new reflective chrome helmet, while Louisiana Tech showed us a helmet with the alternate bulldog on it.

First, a video teaser for Fresno State’s new uniforms, complete with dubstep and and video shots of players screaming as if they had been stabbed in the back.

Most of these looks have already been seen before by Fresno State, although they have been given some minor upgrades and a touch-up for the new year. The chrome helmet is a catchy trend in uniform design, but I wish Fresno State had gone with a reflective fire engine red chrome finish instead.

And here is a look at the new Louisiana Tech helmet…

Louisiana Tech has been using this logo as an alternate from the fantastic standard logo since 2008, so it was only a matter of time before it appeared on the helmet. Here’s hoping La Tech sticks with the state logo and T more often than this bulldog though.

Nothing too original here from Louisiana Tech, but at this stage of the game with so many bulldog teams and logos, what more can really be done?

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