Mike Leach wants Wazzu to play who (and where)?

Mike Leach was back at it today taking part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and as usual he had some pretty intriguing answers to the redditors questions.

One of the most interesting answers came from this question…

Hey coach, if you could play any OOC team, who would you want to play? Assuming money and all the other scheduling variables didn’t matter.

His answer? Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Texas? Nope. Here’s what he had to say…

I’d like to play someone in Europe or Australia if it was the end of the season and we didn’t have a game the next week and show the team the sites.

Leave it to Leach to flip a question on it’s head and come up with the most unlikely but very intriguing answer. If you read the question and answer literally then Leach is suggesting playing an actual american style college football team from Australia or Europe which wouldn’t be that competitive but would be amazingly groundbreaking.

Or is he simply saying that he would like to play an out of conference team in Australia or Europe? Either way, both would be a step in the right direction if you are for the globalization of college football.

One thing is for sure, Leach doesn’t think like the typical college football coach and that’s okay with me.

To read the rest of the Q&A click here.


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