Notre Dame-Florida State: Separating Myth From Reality On Everett Golson

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second conversation between the editors of Bloguin’s Notre Dame and Florida State sites in advance of Saturday’s huge game. The piece was originally published here at Bloguin’s Florida State site, Noled Out. The first ND-FSU conversation, with links and information for all of Bloguin’s school-specific sites, can be found here. — Matt Zemek, The Student Section


After speaking with Clemson Tom just a few weeks ago, we continue our “Interviewing the Enemy” series with the Subway Domer to get a Notre Dame point of view for Saturday’s top 5 match-up between the Fighting Irish and the second-ranked Florida State Seminoles.

The Subway Domer is Bloguin’s Notre Dame site. Since this is an all-Bloguin community affair, Noled Out editor Mike Ferguson returned the favor.

Ferguson asked The Subway Domer, also known as Joshua Vowles, three questions about this Saturday’s top 5 match-up. Bloguin’s The Student Section has the full conversation.

Here’s what the Subway Domer had to say about Saturday’s contest:


Mike Ferguson, NoledOut: Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson has yet to lose a regular season start, yet doesn’t always get much recognition. Golson may not always get the credit that a player like Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariotta or Dak Prescott does, but former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was a Heisman finalist for being a winner. Does Golson get slighted in that sense?

Joshua Vowles, The Subway Domer: I had to read that question twice because I think the sentiment nationally, is that Golson may be hyped up a bit more than he should be simply because of the Notre Dame factor. So, no. I don’t believe Golson is getting “slighted” in that regard. Winston is a Heisman winner, Prescott has the #1 team in the country, and Mariotta is playing unbelievable well. Everett Golson is doing some great things, but more is to be done to get up on that level. He could do that with one game in particular on Saturday night.

Ferguson: Brian Kelly is 27-4 in his last 31 games at Notre Dame. Jimbo Fisher is 39-3 in his last 42 at Florida State. If these teams play again in 10 years, how likely is it that the same two guys are leading each team?

The Subway Domer: Not very likely at all. Brian Kelly has already been at Notre Dame for five years. Lou Holtz was there for a total of 10 years, and I think it’s safe to say that Kelly may only last another 5-7 years. When Kelly was asked about the Texas A&M series that will take place a decade from now, Brian joked that he would be sipping on a Mai tai on a beach somewhere.

As far as Fisher is concerned, I couldn’t say with much authority, but in this business I would be surprised if he was there in 2024.



Ferguson: FSU and Notre Dame have met on seven previous occasions, but only once in Tallahassee. With this one being an 8:00 kickoff in front of what’s sure to be a raucous crowd, how do the Fighting Irish handle what’s sure to be their toughest road test?

The Subway Domer: First off, this is the first true road game for Notre Dame as they have played four home games and two neutral site games. With that said, this is nothing new for the Irish. When Notre Dame plays on the road, it is usually a prime time game and the crowds are insane because everyone hates the Irish.

This is the type of game that Brian Kelly has thrived on at ND. He uses the “us against the world” meme almost to perfection. There are less distractions on the road and the focus of the team always seems greater. This won’t be just another game, but the Irish have been in these type of games under Kelly, and they have usually played remarkably well.

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