Paul Johnson has lost control of his defensive line

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on Thursday that Georgia Tech recruit Kenderius Whitehead will have to sit out this season. Whitehead was considered one of the top incoming defensive ends coming out of JUCO and was originally rated as a four-star prospect when he committed to N.C. State out of high school. This news by itself would hurt, but let’s consider what else has happened to Georgia Tech defensive linemen this off-season

Jabari Hunt-Days: academically ineligible/scholarship rescinded

Anthony Williams: transfer after graduation and non-renewal of scholarship

Kevin Robbins: transfer

Justin Akins: left team

Jimmie Kitchen: suspended (expected to transfer)

Days was going to be a star and with him gone, Whitehead was expected to be a starter. Tech still has three starters returning, but anytime you lose this kind of depth at one position it is concerning and could spell trouble down the line. With the hubbub about Paul Johnson’s status this past off-season, you have to think this is a critical year in his regime and it looks like it just got tougher for the Jackets.

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