Poll Dancing: Playoff edition No. 1

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Well, we’re halfway through the season for the most part, which is a harrowing thought. College football comes and goes pretty quickly if you’re watching, let alone for the guys playing. As brutal as it is to think, we’re just a few months away from prognosticating about if the right team won the college football championship, who has the best recruiting class, and who made the best hire of the offseason.

And so, like we change our shorts, we change how this section is to be written. This college football playoff thing makes Top 25s the non-alcohol part of a mixed drink: totally useless and only there to dilute the product.

Let’s do a playoff projection.

NOTE TO THE SLOW OF COMPREHENSION (all caps should help): THIS IS NOT WHO I WOULD RANK IN THE TOP 4 RIGHT NOW. These are the teams based on THIS week who I would project to make the playoff, followed by the next four, the four after that, and so on. Mississippi State and Ole Miss might be top-5 teams now, but they play one another, and someone has to lose. I’m not lying about that last part. So before being all hateful and stuff, understand the method behind the predictions.

Away we freaking go.


Projected Playoff Four at Week’s End

1. Florida State
2. Ole Miss
3. Baylor
4. Notre Dame

Why: Ole Miss gets Mississippi State at home and also gets Auburn at home. MSU has to go on the road to Tuscaloosa and Oxford, which seems mildly more arduous. Actually, not mildly.

Knockin’ on the door

5. Mississippi State
6. Oregon
7. Michigan State
8. Auburn

Four more

9. TCU
10. Oklahoma
11. Georgia
12. Arizona

Peering in the window from a distance

13. Alabama
14. Oklahoma State
15. Ohio State
16. Nebraska