Poll Dancing, Playoff Projections 6

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There’s an old truth in life to men: anything can be figured out in a corner bar over a few pitchers of beer. Any problem, issue, fight, women talk, whatever … you can get through it if you just commit to hunkering down at the watering hole with unlimited time and unlimited brew.

College football is normally the corner bar. It all gets figured out in the end if you just go sit down, grab a few glasses, and give it a shot. This weekend proved why this playoff thing might not be ideal, but it might be bulletproof for arguing who should be in and who shouldn’t.

The list of those who have a chance was culled, and that’s how it should be. Find us at the end of the bar and bring a $20 for a tip. We’ll get this thing settled before it’s all over.

Projected four in after this week

1. Florida State
2. Mississippi State
3. Oregon
4. TCU

‘Splaination: I don’t really think I need one, to be honest. Hell, to be dishonest, I don’t think I need one, either.

On the porch with a beer just waiting to come in

5. Ohio State
6. Alabama
7. Arizona State
8. Baylor

‘Splaination: Ohio State needs someone to lose; Alabama needs to just win out; so does Arizona State. Baylor needs people to think that scoring 61 against TCU while giving up 58 is totally a good reason to ignore the stuff not related to that game.

Sitting at home staring at the phone waiting for a text in vain

9. Nebraska
10. Duke
11. Auburn

‘Splaination: Auburn probably has no shot. The Tigers would need Mississippi State to lose three times, beat Alabama, and have Alabama somehow lose to Mississippi State. I have no idea why they’re in this column, other than the lingering effects of last season, when Auburn made escapes that David Copperfield would have been impressed with. Nebraska and Duke exist pretty much because they have one loss and need miracles. The margin for error is razor thin. Like the audible difference between Taylor Swift and “badgers fighting on a chalkboard with their long nails.”