Poll Dancing: Playoff Projections Before The Final Week Of The Season

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Projected Four In

1. Florida State
2. Oregon
3. Alabama
4. Baylor

‘Splaination: I know, I know, Baylor struggled with Texas Tech. TCU struggled with Kansas. Sometimes, it just happens. Ever fought a drunk? Sometimes, a guy that can’t fight gets a little in him, reaches down, and the playing field is leveled a bit. We’re missing the point of playing the games if we take away the head-to-head element. Assuming Baylor wins next week … which is obviously not a given … this is how it will match up. The other three seem to be locked in assuming they win, and maybe Florida State/Alabama even if they don’t.

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5. TCU
6. Ohio State

‘Splaination: The team with the most to gain is Ohio State. Regardless of whether or not FSU/Oregon/Alabama loses, the Buckeyes — if they look good next week and thump top 15 Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game — will send a loud message. What does it say about the talent of a team able to do that with its third-string quarterback under center, after getting to that point with its second stringer having less than a month to prepare for the role? It would mean that top to bottom, OSU is the team that deserves to be in, and this isn’t about one or two players … it’s about an entire team.

TCU is in the toughest spot, basically sitting around hoping other teams tinkle the bed, because the Horned Frogs have done all they can and it’s impressive.

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7. Missouri
8. Arizona

‘Splaination: I really feel like Mizzou’s only shot is drawing and quartering Alabama in the SEC title game. Other than that, Mizzou has no claim to be in this argument what with zero wins over SEC teams with winning conference records and a loss at home to Indiana. If the Tigers win close, Alabama still gets in. It’d take a shelling, plus maybe a loss by Ohio State and possibly two others to get the job done. But college football is chaos, so just tell them there’s a chance.

For Arizona, you’d think that if the Wildcats drub Oregon again, the committee would need to take a long, hard look at the Wildcats with, again, the same type of help as Mizzou is getting. Like the Tigers, another kind of non-house cat, I’m only putting them in out of the Lloyd Christmas, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” argument.