Poll Dancing: Week 2

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Apologies up front for two things …

1. We can only judge teams based on what we know, so there will be a ton of movement in the poll over the next few weeks as we actually learn who’s good at football and who isn’t. So don’t freak out if Auburn is too low or (oh my gosh!) 0-1 teams litter the poll this week. We know Alabama is good. We know West Virginia went toe to toe with the Tide on a neutral field.

2. There aren’t explanations by teams this week because it’s a holiday weekend, and if it helps you spend an extra 45 seconds with family, then I feel better about that than making jokes. Go fire up the grill and have a good one.

1. Florida State
2. Michigan State
3. Oregon
4. LSU
5. Texas A&M
6. USC
7. Stanford
9. Alabama
10. Oklahoma
11. Georgia
12. Auburn
13. Ole Miss
14. Ohio State
15. Michigan
16. Penn State
17. Baylor
18. Arizona State
19. Kansas State
20. West Virginia
21. Virginia Tech
22. Oklahoma State
23. Wisconsin
24. Notre Dame
25. Rutgers