Poll Dancing: Week 3

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As much as college football fans across the nation would like a poll to have all the answers and all the explanations, I have to be honest here: There’s not much to say. We still don’t know about most teams. Plus, it’s hard to think that the B1G can and will be as unilaterally poor as it was this past weekend. That was odd. So, I didn’t bother ranking the top teams in a set of 25 this week, partly because I don’t understand who made 25 the God number to rank teams.

For instance, Arizona State being included is a stretch in itself, at least based on the eye test. (Wait a minute, that’s an actual explanation. Think of it as an exception that proves the rule.) Other than that, there are about 13 teams who’ve done stuff to make you think you know enough about them to rank them as potential title contenders. So here you go. See you next week.


1. Florida State — Remember, as I said in our Editors’ Roundtable last week, Florida State sacked up in its win over Oklahoma State. There’s no such thing as a bad win in my book.

2. Oregon — The win over Michigan State speaks for itself. It’s one of the few clear statements made by any team this early in the season.

3. LSU — The win over Wisconsin matters. See the trend here? Teams that have done something get promoted to the upper reaches of this poll.

4. USC — The Trojans got a lot of work done on the road against Stanford.

5. Texas A&M — Winning at South Carolina has not been easy to do in recent years.

6. Virginia Tech — Winning at Ohio State has not been easy to do in recent years.

7. Auburn — The Tigers are really good, but they don’t have wins that are better than the top six.

8. Alabama — As with Auburn, let’s wait to see the Crimson Tide notch a bigger win before moving them up.

9. Oklahoma — The Sooners fit into the similar boat Alabama and Auburn are using at the moment.

10. Notre Dame — Great performance against Michigan. Related: Michigan’s not that good a win right now.

11. Georgia — The Clemson win carries some value. How good is Clemson, though? Wait and see.

12. UCLA — The Bruins are not a strong 2-0. Yet, 2-0 beats 1-1 anytime.

13. Ole Miss — After Boise State trounced Colorado State, the Rebels’ win over the Broncos looks better, don’t you think?

14. BYU — Texas might be weak and depleted, but a 34-point win in Austin at night. Strong… and I’m not talking about Charlie, either.

15. Arizona State — We’ll see, Sun Devils. We’ll see.