Sad fan index, week six

One of the best things about college football is the passion fans have for their team, their university, and their players. Of course, being so passionate about something also means that from time to time you get your heart broken, and this past weekend was especially heartbreaking. We probably could have listed about 15 teams this week, but only a few could make the cut.

On gameday, Twitter is an amazing way to follow the ups and downs of college football, and with that, we bring you the five fan bases that had the most to be sad about this past weekend…

No.1: Michigan Wolverines

After the season the Wolverines have had, sadness is slowly becoming apathy. The once vibrant fan culture of Michigan seems to be giving way, loss by loss. With the loss to Rutgers, the soul has been taken out of the Michigan fan base.

No. 2: Oregon Ducks

The Ducks are always right on the brink of breaking through and winning a national championship. On Thursday, the spotlight was theirs as they welcomed Arizona into one of the toughest venues for opponents to win in the country, Autzen Stadium. Oregon was a favorite of more than 20 points, but somehow, someway, it lost. To make matters worse for the Ducks, their strength of schedule took a hit when UCLA, USC (if the Trojans somehow make the Pac-12 title game) and Stanford also took a dive.

No. 3: USC Trojans

Sometimes it’s not that you lost, but how you lost. The USC Trojans lost their second game of the season on Saturday (and their first conference game) as time expired on a Hail Mary. That’s rough…

No. 4: Tennessee Volunteers

So, so close. Tennessee took Georgia to the limit last week and barely lost in Athens. This week the Vols had homefield advantage and controlled Florida’s offense the entire game… until the fourth quarter. What a heartbreaker for the Vols. Yes, better times are ahead under Butch Jones, but losing a tenth straight game to Florida and then being trolled by Will Muschamp is a tough way to take a loss.

No. 5: LSU Tigers

The LSU Tigers just got dismantled by the Auburn Tigers. It wasn’t the fact that LSU lost, it was how badly the Bayou Bengals lost…

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