CFB Playoff: 5 teams that helped themselves, Week 3

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We’re #OnToWeek3. I love Bill Belichick. At any rate, here we go, as the mud gets even sloppier this week.


The Bruins finally played the stoner in the horror flicks that always seems to be the one that’s either the ultimate villain or the hero who gets a girl way cuter than he should … but he saved her life and off’d the vampire that was BYU that probably should have been dead halfway through the flick. That’s usually how those things go, with the monster or slasher or whatever being able to withstand chainsaws to the chest to continue on killing people for another 45 minutes. UCLA is in one of those situations where if they lose once or twice and win the Pac-12, they have a good shot anyway, but it never hurts to fatten your wallet for no reason other than just to have more.

4. Stanford

Any shot Stanford had at making a playoff rested on winning the rest of their games and hoping that come apples to backsides, Northwestern had a good enough season in its own right to not stain the resume too much. Well, one could argue that Southern Cal was their toughest remaining game, what with it being on the road and all. Notre Dame and a tough Pac-12 await. Two weeks ago, the Cardinal got embalmed. Now, suddenly, you go to dig the hole and put them in, and they’re sitting up in the casket asking you why the hell you gave up on them so soon.

3. Notre Dame

Georgia Tech somehow over the years got to be the “girl you can’t get to go out and party because she’s not into that kind of scene” but often enough, you go out, and there she is with a Smirnoff Ice in the center of the dance floor getting down to 50 Cent (dating myself here). Notre Dame, injuries and all, cracked the code in a big way in a 8-point win that wasn’t nearly as close as the final score. Suddenly, Southern Cal looks beat-able; Stanford looks a lot tougher; and Notre Dame looks like they’re gaining confidence on how to weather bad luck. Either that, or rainbows, leprechauns, and stuff of that nature.

2. Northwestern

YES, NORTHWESTERN. THE WILDCATS. IN EVANSTON. At any rate, that Stanford win looks more impressive by the day, and they went into Duke and won. We’re past the point where we laugh Duke off, although they did play like hot, steaming refuse left to rot in a trailer in El Paso in June. The ‘Cats have given up a total of 16 points this season and have two Power 5 wins on their wall in three games. Add to the fact that the Big Ten West looks pretty much more dreadful by the week, and you can reasonably see them winning it without too much … or any alcohol intake.

1. The ACC

Florida State and Clemson won in ugly-ish situations: on the road on a week day against a live, breathing football team in their conference. Miami outlasted Nebraska in overtime. Virginia Tech slaughtered Purdue and North Carolina bull whipped Illinois. All in all, it was a banner week for the conference, as it kept it’s bell cow championship favorites unbeaten and through the conference, looked mostly good. Don’t sleep on an ACC club getting in, unless they all start cutting their own throats as happens when you play other good teams and … what do you know … looks like the ACC is good. Told you.