The best performances of week 3

Week three of the college football season saw some great games as Ole Miss beat Alabama, UCLA edged BYU, Notre Dame toppled Georgia Tech and Stanford upset USC. Within those games and throughout the college football world there were some great individual and team performances. TSS associate editors Bart Doan and Terry Johnson join staff writer Kevin Causey in our weekly roundtable to discuss some of the great performances.

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Question: What was the most impressive performance of week three?

Bart Doan:
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One of the magic powers of the Lucky Charms marshmallows as deemed by Sir Charm (the Leprechaun’s name) is the rainbow, which is the ability to instantaneously travel from place to place. In the case of C.J. Prosise against Georgia Tech this weekend, that travel was “from field to end zone.”

Absent the fact that you’d figure Georgia Tech’s defense would be prepared to face a stout running attack, Prosise was still impressive in racking up 198 and 3 touchdowns as Notre Dame, cobbled together by spackle and duct tape on offense, found a way to pretty much put the wood to the Yellow Jackets and all of that talk about how difficult they are to prep for on one week.

This, honestly, might have been the best game of the Brian Kelly tenure. They took the will from GT early (and GT likes being down like wasps enjoy Raid) and never really let up in spite of what the final score may dictate. Prosise was the catalyst. I mean, the dude went for 9 yards per carry. And he had 23 of them.

By the way, the heart marshmallows refer to the power to bring things to life. Which Prosise is helping do with the Irish’s playoff hopes.

Kevin Causey:
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We all know South Carolina doesn’t have a great defense but what the Georgia offense did to them was still extremely impressive. The most impressive thing was the performance of Greyson Lambert.

Lambert is a kid that Mike London and Virginia didn’t think was good enough to play quarterback for the Cavaliers. He transferred to Georgia and has only been practicing with the team since fall practice began. He had his ups and downs in weeks one and two.

In week three, he was lights out. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer started him off with easy throws. By the end of the game he was hitting back shoulder passes and threading the needle like a quarterback that Mike London would only dream of trying to recruit.

When the game was over Lambert had broken Georgia and NCAA records with his performance. It was great team performance because Georgia’s offensive line did a fantastic job protecting Lambert and his receivers did a great job catching passes and making plays in space.

For one week, Lambert was one of the best QBs the University of Georgia has ever seen. From here his confidence should only blossom. The odds of Lambert having another game of this magnitude are not good but he has shown that he truly deserved to win the Georgia job and Georgia looks to be in great hands with Lambert under center.

Terry Johnson:
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Without question, it has to be Greyson Lambert. Completing 24 of 25 passes is difficult to do when competing against air, let alone an SEC defense. After a record-setting outing like that, Lambert deserves to win every type of “Player of the Week” award that’s out there.

However, Arkansas State quarterback James Tabary would be a very close second. Starting in place of an injured Fredi Knighten, Tabary turned in one of the best performances of the season, completing 21 of 24 passes (87.5%) for 255 yards and 3 TDs. His pinpoint accuracy prevented Missouri State from loading the box to stop the Red Wolves’ ground game, which ran for 344 yards and 6 TDs.

It’s tough to argue with those results.

Yet, sadly, Tabary won’t receive the recognition he deserves for his outstanding play last weekend because it was overshadowed by Lambert’s stellar showing.