We’re changing our name and our look

The Student Section is now flying under The Comeback banner as the official go-to resource on the network for college sports coverage.

The Student Section has been a staple of The Comeback Network’s efforts to provide unique and high-quality college sports content since the site launched in 2014. Since taking over for the site’s predecessor, Crystal Ball Run, The Student Section has put together some terrific content to satisfy your college football cravings, and none of that is about to go away,

I’ll be responsible for overseeing the college football content on the site while Jesse Kramer will take charge with the college basketball side of things. We understand there are other NCAA sports out there, and maybe from time to time we will venture into them, but our main focus will continue to be football and basketball. With a strong and talented team ready to chip in, our coverage will continue to keep you both informed and entertained.


Essentially, just our official name and social media profiles. Don’t worry if you follow(ed) The Student Section on Facebook or Twitter. Our social profiles are staying right where they are, but the names are changing to fit in line with The Comeback‘s brand. So if something looks odd and you are wondering why you followed some strange-looking account, don’t worry. It’s probably just us. With this new approach to social networking, we plan on being more active on each of the accounts and may even dabble in some new ideas along the way. You will definitely not want to miss out on either end, so follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook today if you have not already.

The same content you have seen before is likely to stick around, and we’ll make our best effort to be more productive for you as we move forward. We will also strive to have some more balance for you college basketball fans.

You may want to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds where applicable as well. You can find all of our ongoing NCAA coverage HERE.

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If you have any questions about the new look and change, I encourage you to reach out to us by leaving a comment below or contacting us on Twitter. We know change can be hard sometimes, but we are here to ease you through this transition. We hope you bear with us as we go through some of these awkward moments. It will be worth the wait!

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