Five Best Bets for the Bowl Season

For degenerate gamblers, bowl season is a bit like staring at an In-N-Out Burger separated from you by a minefield. If the regular season treated you kindly, no need to risk blowing yourself up for some fast food. If you took it on the chin for the last three months, jump in and hope you’re […]

Bowl Swag: Which bowls are giving out the best gifts?

One of my favorite parts of bowl season is seeing what “swag” the bowls are giving out to the players. The Sports Business Daily does a great job each year with this topic. Here’s the publication’s explanation of bowl swag: At least $5.4M will be spent on gifts that will be given to the ’14-15 […]

Bowl Season: 10 realistic bowl matchups we wanted to see… But won’t

Follow TSS on Twitter @TheStudentSect Author @TheCoachBart There are about 800 bowls represented by 700 companies we have no idea even exist. So you’re bound to get some salty good matchups almost by default. However, you’re also bound to be on your porch with a bottle in a paper bag glass of wine gazing into […]