D’oh! The Simpsons nailed state of college football in 2000

I have had one TV in my home office fixed on FXX with The Simpsons marathon ongoing. I have been enjoying rewatching many of the classic episodes from when I still watched the show (I am looking forward to finally binge watching many of the episodes originally airing after 2004, when I started to stop watching it regularly). I forgot just how much I enjoyed the show back in the day, and I also forgot just how perceptive the show was with real life situations.

Take, for instance, this quote I heard in an episode this morning, when Homer goes back to college for a reunion when a university spokesperson has the doors locked before alums can leave. This particular episode aired in 2000.

It is amazing just how realistic that quote appears to hold true to this day. I’m not sure this qualifies as an instance of The Simpsons accurately predicting anything, but it is rather noteworthy.

On another note, this episode “Faith Off” features a college game between the Springfield University Nittany Tide and the Springfield A&M, a cow college that was founded by a cow. And yes, a degree in communications is a phony major, depending on whom you ask.


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