Fun fact: Boise State vs Ole Miss

The last time the Boise State Broncos met an SEC team, they beat the Georgia Bulldogs in 2011 in the Georgia Dome by two touchdowns. A lot has changed since then and the Broncos are coming off of a disappointing 8-5 season.

What is the biggest difference between the 2011 Broncos team and today’s team? The 2011 team was built more like an SEC team as they were very strong and experienced on both lines of scrimmage.

Fun Fact: In 2011, Boise State had 98 career offensive line starts returning which ranked 13th in the country. In 2013, Boise State returns just 26 career offensive line starts which ranks 121st in the country. 

For the Broncos to win this game, they will need to control the line of scrimmage and control the football. A young offensive line will be the difference between the Broncos winning and losing this game.

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