Georgia’s Chris Conley continues to kick down doors

Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley led the Bulldogs last season with 45 receptions for 651 yards but his interests go far beyond the football field. Earlier this year he released a Star Wars fan film titled “Retribution” and it is approaching 400,000 views on Youtube.

ESPN’s Ivan Maisel took a look at Conley’s “direction in life”….

When you’re a starting senior flanker on a top-10 team and a college senior, a film director and a screenwriter, a budding athletic administrator and a coffeehouse musician, a Bible-quoting honor student and a superhero-loving, “Star Wars” geek, time is not something you waste. “Madden” can wait.

One thing that caught my interest was this excerpt from the article….

Hines is working with Conley on his next film, about a superhero of Conley’s own creation. Conley petitioned the NCAA to allow him to raise money for the film on Kickstarter, the crowdsourcing website. The NCAA said yes, albeit after extensive head-scratching. No student-athlete had ever asked to use Kickstarter.

A lot of people think of the NCAA as the “enemy” but it’s nice to see that despite it’s reputation, Conley still had the foresight to bring the idea of a kickstarter to them and make the NCAA make a decision on something they had not even thought of before.

Chris Conley isn’t just satisfied with being a student and a college football player, which is a full-time job, he’s looking to get the most out of life and that makes him one to watch this season.

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