Oh Stephen Garcia, you crazy rascal

Earlier today, former South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback and lightning rod Stephen Garcia took part in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) with his bookie cousin Ty (yeah, I’m not making that up).

Garcia started off the festivities by saying, “We just pulled up to the bar in Orlando, getting our minds right with some bourbon. We’ll be back at 2 p.m. to answer your questions.”

Almost immediately into the Q&A, Garcia said his favorite aspect of football was “getting paid under the table.” Of course he said he was kidding. Right! Right?

Garcia talks about the infamous ref tackle, the rumors of his partying before the 2010 bowl game, and paying players. The redditors play their role by bringing up some stories that helped spawn the legend of Stephen Garcia.

If you have a few minutes, head over to the AMA and see what Garcia is up to… it doesn’t sound like he’s changed very much.


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