From one vantage point, Auburn’s passing game with Nick Marshall will be a foremost factor in Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.

Summer Reading: The Best X-And-O Piece Of August

You might recall this play from the 2013 Alabama-Auburn game:

The great Ian Boyd of SB Nation — one of the best X-and-O writer-analysts on the web — writes here about this play in great depth and detail. The type of play is called the “pop pass,” and it is part of college football’s chalkboard future.

Current Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher ran a variation of this play with Matt Mauck at LSU in 2003 against Arkansas. The concept involved in the “pop pass” that is so difficult for defenses to handle is the manipulation of the line of scrimmage. Boyd explains this and other dimensions of the play. You’ll be a smarter football fan if you take the time to read the whole thing.