The Analytics Revolution And An Amazing Statistic

If you follow college football religiously, you know that analytics are improving, thanks to the work of individual pioneers such as Bill Connelly, Brian Fremeau, and others. New websites such as Pigskin Nerd are also springing up, trying to cover a piece of this vast new terrain. Analytics is experiencing rapid growth, but we’re hardly at the point where every nook in the field has been adequately staked out.

There’s one company that matters more than any other in college football analytics. SportSource Analytics will furnish the College Football Playoff Selection Committee with a customized analytical package, helping committee members pick the history-making quartet this December. Dan Wolken of USA Today tells the story of SportSource Analytics in this piece, part of the paper’s expansive college football preview section.

In his research for the piece, Wolken unearthed this incredible statistic on Kansas State’s head coach: