LSU’s win over Wisconsin and Auburn’s win over Kansas State did more to shape perceptions (and resumes) in the 2014 college football season than any other non-conference games. This point cannot be forgotten when a full account of the season is ultimately rendered.

WATCH: Leonard Fournette Continues to Run Wild

LSU’s Leonard Fournette had a monster game last week against Auburn where he ran and ran, then he ran and ran some more because he’s a running machine. Today, LSU is playing Syracuse. The Tigers decided to dial up a pass play. But even this pass play found a way to end up with a Fournette big run.

Might as well just tackle him any play he’s on the field because that’s the only, well in theory, way of stopping Fournette from running for 50 yards on what should be a sack. He’s good at footballing.

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