Clint Trickett has to apologize for people being too sensitive

So when you see a West Virginia QB apologizing to Deadspin on Twitter, you naturally think “man, something bad must have gone down.”

Nope. All it really was turned out to be more Internet outrage from the Sensitive Police, who never take a day or preferably a lifetime off. Clint Trickett yesterday posted a joke about watching football with females and how they rush to judgement every time there is one bad play. It ended with hash tags #thesehoesaintloyal and #getinthekitchen.

For anyone who follows Trickett, he’s pretty much a 24-hour batch of jokes and sarcasm. He’s one the few fantastically colorful athlete follows anymore.

So expect him to be shut down from above for a little while, which is too bad. If social media has done anything, it’s neutered the sharing of opinions due to faux outrage from those just patrolling the Interwebs 24 hours looking for something to be offended by. Chalk another citation up for the Sensitive Police.