Poll Dancing: Playoff edition 4

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There are certainties in life that people always act on as though they are not certainties. Then they happen, and the world rests comfortably on its axis knowing that things aren’t changing in a few realms of the world:

1. When you argue with a woman, you’re going to lose. One way or another, you’re going to lose. That’s just how it is.

2. As the sage Dan Dakich says, if you’re drinking by noon, either your life is really good … or your life is really bad.

3. College football always figures itself out, usually to the point where it tries hard to mess itself up again, but it always figures itself out.

With that, Ole Miss lost this week and the unbeaten teams in the sport continue to be culled. The unbeaten teams in the sport with an actual chance at playing for the title are culled to what, two? Now, Ole Miss losing matters, but then it doesn’t in this new system. If the Rebels win out, they’re in because of their schedule and because we’re allowing four teams in. This is what I talk about with the whole “devaluing of the regular season” thing.

All of that is a long way of just saying things are shaken up a bit from last week, because a different Mississippi school enters into the projected four.

Projected in at the end of the season as of this week

1. Florida State
2. Mississippi State
3. Oregon
4. Notre Dame

‘Splaination: Not much needed, really. I’m starting to believe more in the Bulldogs based on a conversation I had with someone this past week, but my point maintains that their schedule to end the year is fairly brutal, but they did get a skin on the wall that Ole Miss couldn’t, and that’s winning at LSU.

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5. Ole Miss
6. TCU
7. Michigan State
8. Arizona State

‘Splaination: I put ASU here over, say, Auburn for two main reasons: ASU still has to play the most perception-changing games left on its schedule: Notre Dame, Arizona, and potentially Oregon. Assuming the Sun Devils win all of those, no way does a 1-loss Pac-12 team get left out. Auburn has an equally brutal slate if not more so, and it’s hard to project the Tigers going through unscathed, which is what they’d need to do. Simple as that. It’s not just because I like ASU’s wicked uniforms.

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9. Auburn
10. Ohio State
11. Alabama
12. Nebraska

‘Splaination: The Big Ten teams in this four-team list are playing by the same rules … just be that one-loss team and you’re probably in; the two SEC teams in this list are playing by the same rules: there are still a lot of season-changing games to be played, and both need to win out.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

13. Baylor
14. Arizona
15. Georgia
16. Kansas State

‘Splaination: KSU is being generous here, because its schedule to end the season just flat out sucks (read: TONS OF NEAT OPPORTUNITIES TO SHOCK PEOPLE, GLASS IS ALWAYS HALF FULL OF SOMETHING, EVEN IF IT’S JUST AIR), and the Wildcats are going against the fact that Auburn is almost a lock to have to be in if they are. Georgia intrigues the most. Arizona and Baylor need to win out, obviously.