Poll Dancing: Playoff Projections 7

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“The Culling” is a horror movie set to release in Spring of 2015, and I can’t really put a stamp of approval on it until we get a bit closer to the point where I can, you know, watch it. Side note, if you like you some horror movies, leave a few decent watches in the comments section. Non-mainstream stuff. Everyone knows those flicks, and usually, they aren’t good.

The Culling of college football happens weekly, and around this time of year, she gets picky. I referenced a few weeks ago, it was like a relationship all packed into four months or so. We’re at the point where you’re weeding out the final few you want to date before throwing yourself on the sword and asking her dad if you can marry her.

Adolescent hijinks won’t suffice. Nor will White Castle. You’re paying for dates at high end burger joints or steak houses now. And so, there were seven …

Projected four in

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Baylor

‘Splaination: Baylor moves in for TCU on account of head to head, which sort of matters, and the whole Kansas thing after TCU’s narrow escape in Lawrence on Saturday. I understand Baylor lost at West Virginia and TCU didn’t. I also understand Baylor beat TCU when they each had something to do about it, and that is the edge right now.

On the porch with a beer hanging out, waiting to go in

5. TCU
6. Ohio State
7. Mississippi State

That’s right, kids. There are only SEVEN teams left with a reasonable shot at the playoffs. That’s subject to change if everyone above goes on a bed-wetting spree of epic proportions. But don’t bet on having to use the bucket.

Sitting at home waiting for a text from someone, anyone, asking if they have plans

EVERYONE ELSE, especially the teams in the SEC such as Ole Miss and Georgia. On the porch with a beer? Not at this point.

 It’s gonna suck here soon when we have no college football to watch. We’re that close.