Poll Dancing: Week 4’s top 25

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Well, 25 percent of the season is over. You know what that means … absolutely nothing, really. We’re back with another poll, and this week’s theme is musical people from the state. Look people, we’ve got like 12 weeks of this. You know how difficult it is to theme it every week? All seven readers of the poll should know: it’s not easy.

Away we go …


1. Florida State: Brian Kelley, Florida Georgia Line. Florida could almost produce a member of Nickelback and have it be cancelled out. Almost.

2. Oregon: Meredith Brooks. Her hit “Bitch” was literally on every non-country station every 30 minutes at one point in most of our lifetimes.

3. Auburn: Hank Williams. Hank Williams is a frigging legend. The end.

4. Oklahoma: Toby Keith. Anyone who sings about giving beer to horses is plenty good in my book. Plus, horses chew like 80 percent of their days. That’s gotta cause major thirst.

5. Alabama: Lionel Richie. Alabama seems to know its music well.

6. Texas A&M: Meat Loaf. Pretty much everyone is from Texas, so I just figured I’d choose something named after food.

7. Notre Dame: Michael Jackson. Not that many people know that, so we’ll just go that route.

8. Michigan State: Randy Travis. Ole RT got started singing to co-workers who figured out he was pretty damn good, and then they became non co-workers once he realized it too.

9. BYU: Wayne Sermon. Guitarist for Imagine Dragons, which was probably the most over-played band on top 40 stations in 2013. I guess that’s an honor?

10. UCLA: Weird Al Yankovic. Yep. Of all the options I had, I went with him.

11. Mississippi State
12. Ole Miss
13. Baylor
14. Arizona State
15. USC
16. South Carolina
17. Stanford
18. Georgia
19. Arizona
20. Nebraska
21. LSU
22. Utah
23. Penn State
24. Wisconsin
25. East Carolina