The Week That Were: 10.18.14

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s another cross-post from Bloguin’s Ohio State site, The Buckeye Battle Cry. Be sure to check out tBBC  and Bloguin’s Penn State site, NittanyLionsDen, for coverage of this week’s Big Ten clash.


Let’s start this week with the big “upset,” where West Virginia hosted and halted the mighty Baylor offense in a Big 12 shootout.



While you might be able to argue that the officiating is what gave the home team the advantage (and woof… was it horrible), the fact of the matter is that the Mountaineers managed to control Bryce Petty while taking advantage of big plays to make yet another memorable chapter in the new conference story of these two programs.

Well, mostly “memorable”… I’m sure there are some folks who might have a hard time recalling the action of the evening, either because they were on the business end of the “hit of the week”:



(here’s another angle, if you’re into that sort of thing)

Or it could be that a person might not remember the evening because of the amount of liquid courage that was a part of their experience.  You do you, WVU.

At any rate, it was a great win for a scary West Virginia program (that squeaked by Maryland), and I’ve got to say that the “sanctioned” post game celebration may be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in college sports. Maybe that’s why Baylor only fell a few spots in the polls after losing to an unranked team… the John Denver factor?



While everyone expected Baylor and Oklahoma to be the marquee matchup in the conference, it looks more and more like the Mountaineers’ face off with Kansas State might just be the game that determines conference championship and a possible college playoff berth (more later).

The Wildcats, led, of course by their great American coach (so named because his is one of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence) managed to do what happens every year few people manage; go into Norman and defeat an overrated Oklahoma Sooner team, handing Stoops his second loss.

Actually, it was Big Game Bob’s kicker that handed Oklahoma the “L”, missing an extra point and two field goals, including one that looked about as accurate as you’d see at one of those “Pepto Bismol Charity Kicky” contests at the halftime of a D3 game.

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