Week 14 College Football Playoff Rooting Interests

We are down to just eight College Football Playoff hopefuls, in addition to two others we feel we should mention as well. Their scenarios en route to the Playoff are more or less clear, though there are a few possibilities where we honestly won’t know who will make the Playoff until the committee tells us […]

What the Selection Committee Taught Us: Week 13

The new rankings from the College Football Playoff selection committee are out and, for what feels like the first time, there were no real surprises at the top. There was a bit of a debate before the rankings came out whether Stanford would be ahead of Ohio State or not and some were of the […]

College Football Playoff Bubble Watch: Week 13

This was a weird week for the Bubble Watch. All of the contenders still alive last week had such a huge lead on the field that we can’t really eliminate most of them. No, Florida and Notre Dame are not still in contention — it certainly seems that way, at any rate. However, if we […]

Week 13 Rooting Interests for CFP Contenders

If you have seen our Bubble Watch here at The Student Section, you will remember that we still count 13 teams with a chance at making the College Football Playoff. Some of these teams have worse chances than the others, while some have very clear paths to the Playoff. With only two weeks left in […]