The ideal college football schedule: week 13

It was a real pain in the posterior last Saturday to watch all those 3:30 (Eastern time) games, imbued with considerable significance. Oh, I watched them, but I didn’t get to catch nearly as much of them as I wanted. Thankfully, Oregon blew out USC and Ole Miss crushed LSU, thinning out the slate of […]

The ideal college football schedule: week 12

The ideal college football schedule is just that: an ideal, far off in the distance. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH! It’s that kind of a college football schedule this Saturday, a real gut-punch for fans of the sport on a national level. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, just so […]

The ideal college football schedule: week 11

Last week, the time-slot complications which are a constant part of life as a college football fan or chronicler did not become as severe as they could have. Oklahoma State’s blowout of TCU in the 3:30 window enabled us to see the Florida State-Clemson conclusion without a sense of heightened worry that we’d miss meaningful […]

The ideal college football schedule: week 10

All season, you’ve read what — in my mind — constitutes the “ideal college football schedule” for each week of the season. This week, with so many important games, it seems more appropriate to simply lay out the schedule than to talk endlessly about it. Sound good? Here’s how I would take all of Saturday’s […]

The ideal college football schedule: week seven

Last weekend, with the night window exploding into all sorts of wonderful chaos — but, instructively, at the same time — we were treated to something incredibly intense and memorable. However, as college football fans and chroniclers, we were also forced to choose one or two games over another. The lingering problem with college football […]

The ideal college football schedule, week six

College football television viewers — at least those who are interested in the sport on a national level and consume the sport with a national emphasis — got lucky this past weekend. With blowouts in all four major game windows — Michigan-Maryland in the noon window; Alabama-Georgia and Texas Tech-Baylor at 3:30 (among others); Ole […]

The ideal college football schedule: week four

The schedule for week four of the season offers a fascinating blend of enlightened and familiarly depressing college football programming decisions. Some aspects of this schedule hit the sweet spot. Others don’t. Yet, the most conspicuous feature of the television slate for week four is that the better instances of time-slotting are — in some […]

The ideal college football schedule: week three

You know the drill by now — the ideal college football schedule doesn’t refer to quality of matchups. We’re focused on the quality of time slots so that you can catch the endings of more games and see the bigger games with less time-slot competition. Based on those standards, how could the week-three slate be […]

College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week Ten

The past two weeks of college football packed a very minimal punch. Now that the World Series is over and the month of November is upon us, one should expect a college football season to offer better Saturdays. Does this Saturday live up to that expectation? Yes… especially if you’re willing to stay up late […]

College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week Nine

It’s one of the laws of college football physics: When anyone says that a given week is going to be dull, at least in certain spots, that week — especially the supposedly dull game window — springs to life. Last week, that law was violated. In the week-eight viewer’s guide, the 3:30 window was characterized […]

The Really Absurd College Football Events Of Week Eight

The past week in college football featured one very important call the officials and replay booth got correct, whereas fans and writers watching on television were wrong (but understandably so). More about that incident will come later in this piece, but first, let’s hit the most ridiculous aspects of the week that was. * LENGTH […]

College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week Eight

This week in college football doesn’t crackle with electricity the way previous weeks did, largely because the 3:30 window — when the action is supposed to build to a crescendo — doesn’t have any heavyweight fights on the docket. The good stuff should emerge in prime time. A jam-packed night window plus a significant “late […]

Editorial Section: Media Roundtable, Part I — College Football Broadcasters

Can you feel college football arriving at your doorstep? It’s just about here. With opening night (not Georgia State’s Aug. 27 game against an FCS team) 10 days away on Aug. 28, it’s time to prepare you for the season on numerous levels. The broadcasters you see and hear on Saturdays form one small but […]